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Newton College is a private postsecondary educational institution founded on September 28, 1990 in Garden Grove, California.
The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (the BPPE) of the State of California has granted Newton College approval to operate since August 1, 1993. You may access the BPPE Website at The College has also been authorized by The Department of Homeland Security to enroll international students since May 2, 1994.
Student Life
The programs offered at Newton College don't simply rely on just books and writing. Teachers provide students with a variety of activities to make learning engaging and even fun! In our ESL program, we understand that students have different interests. There's plenty of curiosity about American culture, popular and historic landmarks, and the traditions people in the United States adhere to and celebrate. Students often enjoy sharing knowledge of their own culture with teachers and other students.

We aim to create a communicative environment in which students may easily interact with each other, make new friends, and establish supportive and professional relationships within the academic community.

Students visit the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles on a field trip to learn about astronomy!

A post-session BBQ party after the last day of class at Mile Square Park.

Students bring food from their countries to present to the class.

After class, students celebrate a teacher's birthday.

A field trip to the Tessman planetarium at Santa Ana College.

Some students celebrated Halloween.

One of the ESL 200 classes.

Another end-of-session party with pizza!

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